Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why you should buy your skincare products from your dermatologist

The digital age has connected people to an endless amount of information at their fingertips. Sites such as WebMD have led to self-diagnosis which many times are wrong. The Internet allows people access to most cosmeceutical brands, the misuse of which leads to unintended consequences that can affect skin health. While it may seem less expensive and easier at the time, the risks of buying dermatology products online usually outweigh any benefits. Patients who receive advice from a trained medical professional have better outcomes than those who solely consult the internet. The risks associated with skin care products sold online include:

·         Counterfeit products
Pharmaceutical and personal care products are among the top five types of products seized by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. These items are often brought into the United States from foreign countries in old bottles filled with inexpensive imitation creams. These imitation creams can cause adverse reactions to your skin.

·         Expired products
Many formulas found on the internet are sold at a lower price because the product inside has expired. Ingredients in certain dermatology products are sensitive to air, heat and the sun.  

·         Potentially illegal or toxic products
Several products that have entered the U.S. markets as antiaging agents, skin lighteners, and acne treatments contain mercury. Arsenic, lead, beryllium, and other harmful toxins have been in these products as well. 

·         Lookalike imposters
While generic formulas tend to have the same ingredients found in branded preparations, the order in which the ingredients are added play a significant role in the potential of the end product and the actions the product exerts on the skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Treat your skin with care; do not skimp when it comes to the health of your skin. It is important to remember that your costs can include skin irritation and the improper treatment may cost you more in the long run. Talk to your dermatologist today and make sure you are treating your skin properly!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Athlete’s Guide to Beautiful Skin

Athletes know how important it is to keep their bones and muscles healthy in order to stay in the game, but sometimes we forget about our skin. Here are a few tips to remember to keep your skin healthy and clean when you are breaking a sweat.

With temperatures hitting 100ยบ F this summer, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. If you are not drinking enough water, your skin will become tight, dry, and flaky. It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. That means, if you weigh 140 lbs., you should be drinking 70 ounces of water daily.

2.      Cleanse before and after your workout
Although you might want to look great for pictures during a competition, wearing makeup while exercising can be very harmful to the skin. Heavy foundations, powders, and concealers can all contribute to clogged pores. When you’re in the zone, breaking a sweat, your pores will open up to release toxins from your body. If you have a heavy face of makeup, those toxins will become trapped in your skin, causing irritation and breakouts.

A good habit to get into is cleansing your face pre and post workout. If you are in a crunch for time, there are a variety of cleansing cloths that are very gentle on the skin and can remove makeup in a hurry.

Post workout cleansing is extremely important too. Due to sweating, your pores will heat up and make it easier to dislodge the toxins trapped in the skin. This is why exfoliation is crucial after working out! There are many different types of exfoliators. Exfoliators will penetrate the skin and remove makeup, dirt, dead skin, and other bacteria from the surface.

3.      Shower within an hour of finishing your workout
Perspiration left on your skin after exercising allows bacteria to grow and spread rapidly. This can lead to breakouts and rashes. Back acne or “bacne” is a common occurrence in athletes and can come up suddenly. This condition occurs when hair follicles or pores become clogged with dead skin or sebum (oil).

It is important to shower off within an hour of finishing your workout to cleanse your skin from your perspiration. A body wash with salicylic acid will help to combat the bacteria and stop the breakouts.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms without relief, you might need stronger treatment or different products. Make an appointment to see a dermatologist at Greenville Dermatology by calling (864) 242-5872.

Happy exercising!